Social Media for restaurants
May 11, 2013
Hotel Marketing
May 11, 2013

Venue marketing can be very exciting with many different opportunities. There a lots of different audiences we need to market our products and services to.

The Opportunity

In the hospitality space, we may need to be marketing to business, consumers or both at the same time and this creates challenges as well as opportunities.

Marketing Changes

Since the credit crunch. many venues that previously hosted mainly weddings, parties and so on, have had to look at adding business marketing to their portfolio of services. This creates new opportunities to build an engaged customer base, though because it is new, we can struggle to adapt to this.

We work with clients to help them adapt. With experience of both consumer and business marketing, we can support you to implement this within your business. These audiences  are very different and even in different locations. We also need to use different methods to contact them

Next steps

We share lots of information about new ideas and methods for marketing though we share them with clients first, so if you contact us, one of our team will discuss some ideas with you.

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