reputation management for restaurants
Restaurant Reputation Marketing
May 11, 2013


How do we attract new customers to our restaurant?

There are lots of ways you can use though these are usually under three categories of Direct, Digital and Social.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing for restaurants involves acquiring or building a database of potential and existing customers. Once the database is built, you can then send targeted marketing activity using direct mail, email, telephone and social media.

Direct marketing is probably the most effective way to generate new and repeat customers, if used properly with segmented campaigns. This means sending relevant offers to the right people.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is anything online. This could include your website, blogging, search engine optimisation, pay per click and dozens of other methods. As more and more people use their mobiles, digital marketing has to take this into account.

Social Media Marketing

Restaurants and hotels have always been dependent on word of mouth and reputation. These are also the main uses of social media. The ability for people to share experiences with their friends and connections can now make or break your venue.


Within each of the categories above, there are lots of ways to attract new customers to your restaurant or venue. Try as many as you can and you can find which of these will work best for you.

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