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May 11, 2013
Is our Restaurant Marketing working properly?
July 8, 2013


Restaurant Marketing is becoming more and more of an art as well as a science.

Our challenge

Not only are there more competitors than ever before, but we are marketing to fewer customers, who are dining out less, with less money to spend.

This means that we can’t all survive. There just isn’t enough money out there to keep all those businesses moving.

The solution

The first thing we need to address is to make sure that we are capturing as much information about our customers as we can. If we can understand our customers and what they want, we are in a stronger position to deliver this to them.

The next step is to use that information to engage with them and make them come back to the restaurant and spend money with us regularly. If we do this effectively, we can start to create champions of our business and these will share their positive experience with others.

Finally, we need to be making sure that we are constantly engaging with our customers to make sure they remember us. This is up to us, not them. They are being bombarded with marketing from our competitors all the time. Our marketing needs to be there when they are making a decision about where to dine out.

We therefore need to make sure our marketing is well targeted, planned effectively and covering all the relevant online and offline audiences.

Next steps

We have been working with clients for 20 years to deliver marketing programmes that work to build relationships and generate sales.

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