What were you doing on one of the hottest days of the year?

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What were you doing on one of the hottest days of the year?

Can you believe that we have had the hottest day of the year ever recorded in July in the UK? So, how did you take advantage of the sunny weather?

We spent it organising Christmas marketing campaigns for our restaurant and venue clients. Apart from the ones who have already sold out…

Why plan ahead?

Most restaurants were fully booked because of the hot weather, but rather than focus on just one day, restaurants need to look to the future and ensure their business continues to surpass their targets all year round.

But, surely on a busy day, you should be able to focus on the task at hand – or spend the day sunbathing on the hottest day of the year – without worrying about what tomorrow will bring?

Think you can do it all?

Marketing is ever-changing so it’s impossible to do it all yourself. You need to have a team that works around you and with you – keeping ahead of trends, technology, channels etc.

You’ll have seen from business publications and news channels the constant battles and problems that even established Brands have to make a healthy profit. They rely on massive support teams to help them – there are very few businesses that can be 100% successful all of the time…change is inevitable.

Keep engaged with your audience.

Focus on the day to day running of your business, but listen to and understand more about your customers. If you provide great food and customer service to them,  you’ll be able to enjoy days off and holidays, without worrying about how to get bookings for your restaurant.

So, keep planning ahead – even when you are busy, and don’t stop listening and talking to your audience!!


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