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Our mission is to ensure that you are communicating with the right audience, promoting your restaurant and then increasing bookings and sales. Once they have visited your venue once, we can then work with you to continue to engage with them and get them to visit again. Tom at the Cherry Tree turned to us after an unsuccessful relationship with another marketing company.
In the video below, he talks about how we work with him and his team to become an extension of the business, a complete marketing solution that simply works!

What do our customers say...

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Chris Crowell

The Blue Mallard

6 years ago Jim visited the restaurant and we sat down over a coffee and discussed our current situation and future dreams, then he set to work. Gaining an acute knowledge of the restaurant and a thorough understanding of our vision for the future of the business proved invaluable.  A detailed and dynamic strategy for the marketing, promotion and reputation management of The Blue Mallard was born. The close working relationship and flexibility of the project allowed our input and ideas to be aired, discussed and integrated into the strategy. This was in addition to the invaluable wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas from Jim and the Venue Marketing team. They really opened our eyes to the possibilities, and gave us everything we needed to achieve them! 6 years later, we are still working together.

Brian Eccles

The Cock Inn at Sarratt

The Cock Inn at Sarratt is a quaint and beautiful country pub which dates back to the 17th century, when it was then known as The Cock Horse. Situated in the heart of the Chess valley in Hertfordshire, the village of Sarratt is a Mecca for ramblers, walkers, cyclists and anyone who just appreciates wonderful, untouched countryside. Brian Eccles, who ran the pub and restaurant was looking for change. He owns a number of pub/restaurant businesses and he wasn't convinced that it was doing as well as it could. After 3 weeks of working together, Brian sent me a text... "You've got me in trouble. My staff are spitting nails. Last night they did 65 covers all because of a Facebook post it seems. Bring it on. What a good problem to have. Thanks Jim and let's think of a few more like that." That was nearly 5 years ago...

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