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January 10, 2017
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NRB Show 2017

NRB Show 2017

Between 21st & 22nd March, we exhibited for the first time at The Northern Restaurant & Bar Show in Manchester. In it’s 15th year, it’s the North’s biggest hospitality show with over 300 different exhibitors showcasing products and services including Food, Catering Equipment, Booking Systems and Interior Design, and also includes headline speakers and influential guests from across the industry sector.

The show was very busy, and allowed us to check out latest developments and industry trends, BUT how many restaurant marketing companies do you think attended the show? Believe it or not, there was only US.

There are lots of reasons why that is the case, but the fact is that there are very few marketing companies that specialise just in restaurants. Based on our experience from working with restaurant clients, there are a lot of companies that think (or say) they work within this sector, but in reality, it is a very unique sector and not the same as others like solicitors, accountancy or manufacturing, so we offer several advantages!

Advantages for restaurant clients :

Firstly – we spent 16 years working in marketing across data, social and online – before we even worked with our first restaurant, so we have already have top expertise and knowledge.

Secondly – we were initially approached by a top professional chef and entrepreneur to help analyse their different businesses, and consequently spent a year researching the entire restaurant sector and working with them, and a few test clients, alongside our existing marketing business. This allowed us to gain a full understanding of restaurant marketing prior to working in the sector.

Thirdly – Soon after we started actually delivering restaurant marketing, a few of our team flew out to the USA to carry out a major test to fully experience and check in reality how everything would work from a technology AND customer perspective. The test results backed-up all our restaurant understanding and research.

Finally – Our stats show we retain over 90% of our customers after the first year – so that means we are able to invest in helping more and more restaurants across the UK to develop and grow.

So, if you are wondering how can you can keep your restaurant ahead of the competition…….give us a call to find out!!

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