Facebook Marketing for restaurants

For many businesses, social networks aren’t just daunting, they can be terrifying!

However, social media marketing also isn’t optional any more. Ignoring social networks isn’t going to make them go away.

Social Network Stats

  • Facebook already has 2.4+ billion members
  • Twitter has 330 million users
  • Linkedin has more than 300 million active users
  • Instagram has 1 billion active users

We need to be trying new things and finding our own way with social media. What suits our brand, may not suit another.

Starting early is always a big advantage though you aren’t too late. Yet…

Reputation Marketing

Take  control of your reputation

You may not want a Facebook page, but I am sure you would rather have one you set up, than someone else doing it for you ‘unofficially’.

You can set up the basic pages initially. Once you are more comfortable with the way Facebook works, you can extend this.

Your customers are probably using Facebook (more than half the UK adult population is a member!). You may find they are happy to see you. Instagram is also very popular, particularly with certain demographics, though it is also part of the Facebook empire, so there are plenty of ways to use it to generate engagement.

Who will run your social media presences?

You may already have someone, within your team, who can use the different social networks. Many social networks have developed ways of managing your team’s access to your restaurant’s pages.

It always helps to have someone who can give an insight into the business. This might be you or someone you trust to engage with your customers.

What if people say nasty things about us?

Well, they will still say them, even if you have no pages. The only difference is that you wont be able to hear them.

But remember everyone else can hear them, including your current and future customers.

You can develop a process for dealing with negative and positive customers. If anything it gives you a chance to build trust and let people see that you are listening and responding.

What if people say lovely things about us?

You may have heard the term ‘amplify the positive’. If you use the social networks correctly you can share the positive messages with a much wider audience.

REMEMBER: People connect to similar people – most probably local. This means an unrivalled opportunity to reach your prime future customers!