Holiday Inn Express
May 18, 2013
The Olive Press
May 18, 2013

Paul Heathcote, the widely known celebrity chef has owned the Heathcotes Brasserie for over 20 years.  As a long term serial entrepreneur, he recognised that the world had changed in the way that customers engage with the restaurants and businesses they dine with.

We were initially recommended by a friend of Paul’s to try to make sense of their email marketing and database. It became a much larger project.

After surveying the customer database to find out what customers were looking for, we embarked on a complete rebuild of all of the Brasserie’s marketing. This included:-

  • Building a fully responsive website which works effectively on every mobile, tablet and desktop platform.
  • Developing a structured blog with multiple media and content types
  • Updating social media presences, reputation sites, and optimising these with content
  • Building a policy for reputation sites to ensure consistent communication
  • Researching and optimising all data sources which also integrate with mobile apps
  • Training all of the Heathcotes team in how to use social networks
  • Building in-restaurant collateral to reinforce the customer journey.

The project has been amazingly successful and Heathcotes now have full control of all of their marketing, and understanding of how to use it and a scalable platform to build the business.

Since then Heathcotes have been awarded the Catering contract at Manchester International Festival and all of the catering at Bolton Wanderers, as well as the Bolton Whites Hotel.

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