Our team

Your Venue Marketing Team

We can make your restaurant, hotel or venue into a sales, marketing and profit generating business.



Jim has been a leader in the sales and marketing industry for over 25 years now.

That wouldn't be such a big deal if he was over 40, but as yet, he hasn't quite made it there. With over £100m of sales under his belt, what he doesn't know about marketing across direct, digital and social media probably isn't worth knowing.
A client said "If you can gain access to 5% of what is in Jim's head, you will have a successful business."


Chief Listening Officer

Alison understands everything about developing, managing and delighting clients.

With a 20 year careeer in managing everything from major blue chip to local clients, she understands how to make the best possible relationships work.

Alison is the most effective person I have ever worked with. She never misses ANYTHING.


Venue Specialist

Hannah is our venue specialist. She has a fantastic understanding of what Venues need to succeed.

By understanding you and your audience, she will help your team to achieve their goals.

I am dedicated to learning about your venue, your audience and building a plan for your businesses growth.


Technical Wizard

Matt is the latest addition to the Venue Marketing team. His technical skills are put to use developing the digital and social marketing for clients.

I am working to understand your audience and how we can better engage with them using data driven marketing..

Our core channels

We use different channels for different clients, as their audiences have varying profiles, however the blend of channels includes:-

  • Social90%
  • Direct96%
  • Digital91%
  • Reputation87%