Google Maps launches a new version. How will this affect my restaurant?

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July 8, 2013
How does hotel and restaurant marketing work today?
September 3, 2013

Google Maps have launched a new version.

This is a major development for your restaurant and if you do the right things, a huge opportunity and here’s why…

You may not have realised yet but during the last 2 years, there has been a seismic shift in the way that people choose where to dine out. You may just think that things have been a bit quiet in your restaurant, but actually, you probably aren’t being seen by potential customers.

We know this, because during the past 12 months, we have researched everything about restaurant marketing, as part of a project for a client and what we learned was absolutely startling. As you will notice in the image above, the new Google Maps is very different.

But why is the new Google Maps different?

The answer lies in the picture. You can see that the new Google Maps is focussing much more on driving people to purchase products and services. It will allow people who are actively looking for places to eat and drink on their mobiles and on the internet to find the best places.

We know from our research that app makers always place the most commonly used items at the top of their menu system, so can you guess what is at the top of the new Google Maps menu?

It is food and drink!

Whether restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, pubs, bars or other type of venue, this is what people – your current and future customers are searching for and that my friend is YOUR BUSINESS!!! But only if you have everything set up and working properly.

We have just spent the last 12 months working out how to optimise these presences for clients in the restaurant sector and having done this for a variety of restaurants, it definitely works, but it also is not easy.

Our clients are futureproofed, because we have already completed this for them but 90%+ other restaurants are not compliant. This probably means you too.

If you think that you can just leave it and hope it optimises itself, you have a big problem because it won’t.

We can help you to get all of your presences optimised like this and it WILL turn into real paying customers.

If you want to be in business and grow in the future, you need to give us a call on 01772 978 199 and we can start the audit process now.


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