How are other restaurants taking my customers?
December 6, 2013
Have ebay put the knife into PPC for venues?
June 24, 2014
How are other restaurants taking my customers?
December 6, 2013
Have ebay put the knife into PPC for venues?
June 24, 2014


It is claimed that Albert Einstein once uttered the following:-

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

or the alternative version,

“Insanity is making the same mistakes over and over again and expecting better results”

But is it true?

Now it may or may not be true that Einstein said this, but one thing is definitely true – the statement itself.

This could not be more true than in restaurant or venue marketing.

If I don’t know whether it is broken or not, why repair it?

When new potential customers first contact us, it is usually for one of a few reasons.

Whatever they are currently doing either:-

  • isn’t working at all
  • isn’t working as well as it should
  • they have an inkling that it might not be working but have no idea why they think that.

Actually, I can rephrase that in many cases…

Whatever their current marketing provider is doing for them.

  • isn’t working at all
  • isn’t working as well as it should
  • they have no idea what their current marketing provider is doing or whether it is working

So if they are dealing with professionals, why would that be the case.

What is your current marketing provider doing?

The simple answer is probably one of two things.

  1. They are not a specialist in marketing for restaurants and venues and don’t understand it. The hospitality sector is completely unique in marketing terms. The way you engage with customers and the way they find you is not the same as any other sector.
  2. They were once an expert, but have not kept up to date with how restaurant and venue marketing has changed. Because boy, oh boy, in just a few short years, it has radically and completely changed!

We understand that people like to work with the same people and in some cases, they have long standing relationships. We are the same with many of our own clients. But unfortunately, it may lead to you going out of business.

The result of staying with the same provider?

In our experience, if you are determined to stay with your existing provider this leads to one of two outcomes:-

  1. You take our proposal to your current provider and ask them to deliver our proposal. Despite having no knowledge of what we do or how we do it.
  2. You try to deliver the proposal yourself.

If you think you may fit into one of these, we may be able to save you some time, money and heartache.

Over the years, this has happened on numerous occasions and in each case, we check up on the results – bear in mind that what we do for clients is usually partially visible in public.

This enables us to assess your current marketing before we make any proposals and also able to measure the results from the changes you make.

Also, our proposals change all the time. What works today, may not (or actually probably won’t) work next year as what works, constantly changes. We constantly update our methods to account for this.

Bear in mind we are not here to put your current provider OUT of business. OUR JOB IS TO KEEP YOU IN BUSINESS AND GROWING.


Here is our service guarantee.

We won’t write a proposal for you unless we think we can deliver something that either you or your current provider can’t achieve without our support.

There are some restaurants we speak to, who we haven’t put proposals to, simply because we haven’t been able to add enough value to what they are already doing! We offer them consultancy instead.

I suppose you could try to get them to share what they do with you for free, though we suspect, that is unlikely, as they have probably invested a lot of time and money in getting to that point. They may also be looking to open further restaurants near yours, as what they do is working well and scalable to additional venues.

You have to remember, it wouldn’t make sense for us to give proposals to people, where we can’t make a big difference!

Thus far, (though not discounting the potential for an upset), none of the restaurants or venues that has taken our proposals and asked someone else to deliver it, has done anything differently than previously.

I am happy to be corrected, but not one of them has achieved better results.

They just keep doing the same stuff over and over and over again.

In some cases, they then went out of business. Don’t be one of them.

Some of them however, have come back at a later point and asked us to deliver the proposal after all.

As our aim is to keep them in business, we do everything we can to make sure that happens.

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