Your Customer Database

Your database is possibly the most important asset you have within your restaurant or hotel.

Developing that database is critical to making sure you can maximise your return on investment, increase loyalty and generate repeat business.

We are unique in that we have nearly 20 years of experience in delivering direct mail, email and telephone marketing campaigns on behalf of many of the largest companies in the UK. We also provide business mailing lists to many hundreds of companies.

Booking systems

If you already have a booking system installed, this may take care of the data capture for you, however, many systems are not designed to generate powerful and effective marketing campaigns.

You need to make sure you are capturing the correct information.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Having data you can use for marketing is one thing.

Being able to manage it is another.

You may have a booking system, but does it enable you to communicate with your customers easily and at the right time.

As part of your Venue Marketing solution, we can implement a variety of data capture and segmentation methodologies which will ensure you are generating the most from your database.